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The Critter Window The Best Nature Stream Videos And Cams On The Web!!


Watching the wildlife on this website can be addictive!


Hi! I’m Critter! Welcome to TheCritterWindow, Indiana’s first 24/7 live video stream of wildlife! I hope you enjoy your stay. I strive to bring the clearest, most colorful live images of wildlife to your screen using high quality closed-circuit technology. With nature’s help, it makes for a wonderful partnership! I have loved nature since I was a child and really enjoy the outdoors. Since living in this part of Indiana, I have come to appreciate and enjoy it even more. So, after becoming unemployed in the latest financial meltdown, I decided to make use of my free time and get this cam project going.

A taste of what you might see at TheCritterWindow includes beaver, muskrat, rabbit and raccoon. You will definitely see many species of birds including Cardinal, Blue Jay, White-Breasted Nuthatch, Mourning Dove, Red-Bellied Woodpecker and Downy Woodpecker. Please check out the WILDLIFE page for pictures and descriptions of the variety of wildlife caught on camera at TheCritterWindow to see what you may be missing.

The cameras are located in southeast Indiana. There are presently 2 cams in operation, the “Main Feeder Cam” and the “Creek Cam”. Three more cams are planned and sound will be coming soon to the Creek Cam. I am able to operate up to 16 cameras and switch them as needed to capture wildlife in living color. Eventually, motion cams will be installed.

Enjoy your stay here at TheCritterWindow. Thank you for visiting and for joining me in making this website the best wildlife site on the web!

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